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My Mom Made Me PvE Guild Charter

Captain: Aseh (Alts include Arannada, and Juh, also the 'Guild Bank' Chunkybanker.)

First Mate: This postion is still being decided, I' am looking for someone that has a lot of time and can help manage a guild, right now I think my best bet is one of our Skippers, Trizon.

Navigator: This is the first officer postion, it includes; Jeridel, Arannada, Zragon, and Brianan.

Skipper: This is our second officer postion, it includes; Dragmore, Trizon, Bewbjob, Taxxi, Juh, Skullzsmasher, Cortny, Heyvern, Lorestis, Holystrikerz and killer, Buffalochip, Belari, Discombabula, Bawlsax, Timausin, Dragosal, Tombstonez, Irisia, Blazeth, Thuggie, Badbovine, Gallyomyria, Celindina, Thundernutz, Tarika, and Choosenone

Chef: This postion is the PvP and Class Leader postion, right now we only have the hunter class leader, our level 65, Mograx.