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 Craig's List is out, and Warcraftlist is in! Check it out to find anything you need, on any server! You can do anything from look for a PuG, to look for someone to craft you that plate helm you've been looking for!

So when you ask yourself the most important guild questions like , "What is the level bracket" or "What classes do they need", ask no more. Our guild frankly needs all the members we can get, we are a poor little guild without a bunch of 70's and a million gold in the Guild Bank, so if you want to have fun, and you also want to level while doing so send me a whisper or and e-mail. We can go from there.


So if you are a person that came to the web-site because in-game advertisment in the zone chat, you have come to the right place.

 This is the home of our wonderful guild. If you wish to join the guild please contact one of our officers. If you cannot contact any of us in-game please send an e-mail to me at

Remember, HAVE FUN!!!