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Adam was exiled from the Holy Land and God's presence for disobedience. God has no plan B; He is bringing man back to His Holy Land to be monarchs of the earth. The Cohen/High Priest of Israel was the "new" Adam invited back into God's presence. God's Tabernacle/Temple was the "new" Garden in Eden. The Menorah in the Temple is symbolic of the Tree of Life, the Shewbread were seven good cakes to eat, and the Kodesh Kodeshim or Holy of Holies was the holy ground where God was enthroned and where "Adam" was invited once a year to reappear. Yeshua, our High Priest of the Melchizedekian order has gone behind the veil, and is soon to return. Like Melchizedek, His land is Israel and His Temple is Jerusalem.This GodRead by CMI Executive Director, Reginald Lisemby is available in book form and on Kindle. Order from CMI for $12.00 and all proceeds go to the Mission. Enjoy!

The Holy Land is an estate that God calls His Land, a Land that is esteemed in the Holy Scriptures above every other place on earth. Beginning with the Garden in Eden in Genesis and continuing to the New Jerusalem in Revelation, this Land is called "My Land," "His Land," "Beulah Land," "the Land of the Living," "the Glory of All Lands," and "the Holy Land." Israel is the Holy Land where God was born as the Son of Man, a messianic title. Yeshua lived and played, He worked and ministered in the Holy Land. Yeshua was betrayed, beaten, crucified, and Yeshua died, He was buried, and He resurrected in the Holy Land. The Messiah of Israel ascended back to His Father from the Holy Land, and Yeshua is soon to return to reign over the earth from the Holy Land. This book is a MUST READ for those "going up" to the Holy Land; it is an excellent field-manual for touring the Holy Land of Israel since every biblical 'holy' site from A to Z is included. The book is $18.00 and all proceeds go to the Mission. Enjoy!
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