Built by Caird & Co. of Greenock, Scotland, for Det Bergenske Dampskibsselskab, delivered in 1856. Shipyard number, 46.


529 gross tonnes, 390 nett tonnes. Registered length 180.3 feet, beam 26.0 feet, depth 20.1 feet. 114 nom. HP, two-cylinder Caird & Co. compound engine.


New Bergens M/V 120 nom. HP two-cylinder compound engine in 1871, 12 knots. Rebuilt (lost clipper bow) in 1886, 652 gross tonnes. Rebuilt again at Bergens M/V in 1905.


On Hurtigrute in 1896, possibly also as relief subsequently. Otherwise employed on coastal kombinerte services. Profile shows her in later years.


Stranded and sank on 4 December 1912 on Rautingkalven in Fensfjorden en route from Trondheim to Bergen. The wreck was sold by auction on 15 April 1913 for 5,000 kroner, and scrapped.