Built by Trosvik M/V of Brevik for Vesteraalens Dampskibsselskab, delivered in July 1924. Shipyard number, 11.


410 gross, 212 nett tonnes. Registered length, 140.5 feet, overall length 150.3 feet, beam 23.1 feet, depth 10.0/16.2 feet. 78 nom. HP TMV triple expansion engine.


Designed for local services in Lofoten and Vesterålen, also used on local cruises. Relief ship on Hurtigrute in 1927, possibly also in subsequent years up to 1932.


Sold in 1957 to Sivert Bakke of Bergen, sold in 1960 to Britt Wadner, registered in Panama, and renamed Cheetah II Gambia. Used as pirate radio ship in the North Sea. Later moored as floating hotel and restaurant ship at Bathurst (Banjul) in Gambia. Scuttled following a fire – date not known.