Built by Motala Verkstad, Norrköping, Sweden, as Transit Nº. 6 for Ångfartygs A/B Transito, Stockholm, delivered in 1884. Shipyard number, 356.


581 gross, 407 nett tonnes. Overall length 169.2 feet, beam 25.5 feet, depth 12.2 feet (some sources give length as 165.5 feet, depth as 13.5 feet). 93 nom. HP, Motala two-cylinder compound engine. 


Sold in 1886 to Ångfartygs A/B Södra Sverige, renamed Rhea. New 480 IHP Bergsunds M/V triple expansion engine installed in 1904, 10.5 knots.


Sold in 1909 to Stockholms Rederi-A/B Svea. Re-registered as 612 gross, 360 nett tonnes.


Sold in November 1945 for 600,000 kroner to Det Nordlandske Dampskibsselskab, renamed Saltdal. Re-registered as 632 gross, 445 nett tonnes.


First appearance on Hurtigrute in July 1946, as replacement for Skjerstad, which was being repaired following a grounding.


Rebuilt and lengthened in 1950, 660 gross, 445 nett tonnes, overall length 179.5 feet.


Further appearance on Hurtigrute in 1950, and possibly in subsequent years. Otherwise employed on service from Saltdal and Bodø to Trondheim.


Sold in February 1957 to Høvding Skipsopphugging of Sandnessjøen, renamed Meisfjord. Used as mother ship for diving operations. Reported broken up in July 1976.


The profile shows Saltdal following rebuilding, circa 1950.