Built by Fevigs Jernskibsbyggeri of Arendal for Arendals Dampskibsselskab, delivered in June 1894. Cost, 284,000 kroner.


661 gross, 400 nett tonnes. Overall length 186.6 feet, beam 27.0 feet, depth 20.1 feet. 101 nom. HP, 750 IHP BMV triple expansion engine.


Employed on the Bergen to Oslo Kystrute, operated jointly by Arendalske and Stavangerske. Of interest is the fact that when she stranded near Mandal on 12 August 1921 she was towed off by Bergenske’s Neptun, indicating that the latter ship, at that time, was employed on one of the kombinerte services between Oslo and northern Norway, and not on the Hurtigrute or on the stamlinje from Hamburg.


Sold in November 1940 for 467,000 kroner to 1940 to Det Helgelandske Dampskibsselskab, rebuilt at Pusnes M/V, 672 gross, 381 nett tonnes.


Entered service on Trondheim to Harstad service in January 1941 as replacement for Ranen, which was with Nortraship in Britain during the Second World War. This service was later extended to Tromsø, effectively forming part of the Hurtigrute.


Refitted in spring 1942 at Trondhjems M/V.


Made two trips to Finnmark in October 1944 chartered by the Red Cross.


Chartered by Vesteraalske for Hurtigrute service between 25 November 1945 and December 1946, while Finmarken was being refitted and rebuilt.


Laid up in Meisfjorden in January 1947, and in October 1947 sold to Ole T. Flakke of Kristiansund. Sold in January 1948 for 12,000 pounds sterling to Haralambos Typaldos, of Pireás, renamed Ionion. Scrapped in 1962 (some sources indicate that she was still registered in Greece as late as 1985).


Profile (a) as built, profile (b) 1946.