Built as Visingsø by Motala M/V for Linköpings Nya Rederi, delivered in 1883. Shipyard number, 336.


215 gross, 142 nett, 125 deadweight tonnes. Registered length 98.0 feet, beam 22.3 feet, depth 9.5 feet. 250 IHP two-cylinder compound engine, 9 knots.


Operated between Linköping and Stockholm.


Sold in 1934 to Rederi AB Linköping – Nyköbing, of Linköping, renamed Nyköping. 


Rebuilt with full-length main deck, instead of half-decks fore and aft, 179 gross, 106 nett tonnes.


Sold in 1938 to Mariehamn Trafik of Mariehamn, renamed Mariehamn.


Sold in August 1942 to Ofotens Dampskibsselskab, rebuilt and lengthened at Sarpsborg M/V. 339 gross, 210 nett tonnes, registered length 115.7 feet. Refit complete on 17 March 1944.


Torpedoed and sunk by HMS Satyr on Stadhavet on 24 March 1944 on delivery voyage from Sarpsborg to Narvik.


In spite of her diminutive dimensions, Ofotens planned to employ Nordnorge on the Hurtigrute as a replacement for Bodø (formerly Erling Jarl).