1893 to 1985


Bergenske's Pallas of 1879 operated the first ever cruise to Svalbard in 1881.

This list is divided into four parts. In the first section are those vessels which were designed and built specifically for the Hurtigrute. Then come those which, although either acquired secondhand or built for other services, eventually became regular performers on the Hurtigrute. Chartered and relief vessels are detailed in the third section – this list may not be exhaustive, and apart from containing much revised and updated material, is already slightly more extensive in terms of the number of ships featured than the one published in Steamers of the Fjords. Finally we take a look at some of the intriguing Hurtigrute ship proposals which never left the drawing board.


The majority of the profiles were drawn at a scale of 1:225, though the larger vessels are at 1:300. The bar underneath each ship represents a length of 50 feet.


Wherever possible overall length is given. However, for some of the older ships the only measurement available is registered length – the length of the hull at the waterline.


Profiles of the more recent fleet members (vessels built after 1985) may be added at a later date.


All profiles were drawn by the author, Dr. Mike Bent, in the mid-1980s, for Coastal Express - the Ferry to the Top of the World, published by Conway Maritime Press in 1987.