Metaphysical and mathematical explanations: Explanation, grounding, dependence (Pavia)

The last decade has witnessed an increasing interest in two related notions, the notion of metaphysical explanation, or grounding, and the notion of mathematical  explanation. Grounding is often described as a relation in which  explanans and  explanandum are connected, not through some sort of causal mechanism, but through  some constitutive form of determination. Mathematical explanations, on the other hand,  are seen as mathematical proofs that not only prove that something is true, but also why  something is true.

After a first meeting aimed at taking a first step towards bridging these two areas of investigation, the workshop aims at further deepening our understanding of the connections between mathematical explanation, grounding, and metaphysical dependance, exploring in particular the relationship between grounding and recent views of mathematical explanation, the role of metaphysical dependance in the debate on indispensability argument, and the application of metaphysical and conceptual grounding to abstraction principles in the foundations of mathematics.

14-16 December 2018

School of Advanced Studies IUSS Pavia
NetS – IUSS Center for Neurocognition, Epistemology and Theoretical Synthax

Who (Organizers)
F. Poggiolesi (IHPST,
A. Sereni (IUSS Pavia,

Further Informations

The workshop is funded by IUSS Pavia