Les classes de français

Madame von Transehe

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Bienvenue sur notre site web! Below you will find resources for all classes.

To find important documents and Google Forms for distance learning for all classes, use the navigation bar to go to the Remote Learning Resources page.

To find documents, resources, forms and information for a specific class, please use the navigation bar and go to your class page.

This site is still under construction, thanks for your understanding!

Key Resources

Google Classroom: our homework site

Q Student Portal: the place to check your grades

Word Reference: our online dictionary: use to look up single words only. For verbs, look up the infinitive, not a conjugated form. Example: look up "to run", NOT "ran". You may then need to conjugate the verb using the conjugation patterns we have learned.

Quizlet: our vocab study site; make sure you have already joined my Quizlet classroom by following the directions in your Google Classroom!

French Keyboard: Use this site to type your text with accents, then cut and paste your text to the document you are working on.

French accent keyboard shortcuts for Macs: If you happen to be using a Mac, it pays to memorize a few easy keyboard shortcuts. (Unfortunately, I don't recommend using shortcuts on a Chromebook because you have to install the International Keyboard, which makes apostrophes different, and that can really mess with your scores in Google Forms and Quizzes!)

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