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Having BULLYING PROBLEMS ??? ... M & M Designs has a product for you, to show your dislike of it .... I am Asking everyone to help M & M Designs, create new jobs, but cannot do it alone, need everyone to share this. Because they say every drop in the bucket can make the world of difference. however if no one puts in any drops, how much of a difference can it make ????? together we can create a brighter future for all... can i count on you ??? So are you going to help ??? OR JUST sit there & complain about nothing getting done?

Think you for choosing M & M Designs  ... I am Michael Lindsay head designer and owner of M & M Designs. I will never give up, and I will keep trying to to find good people like you, because without people like you I will not be able to create new Jobs and lower crime and Bullying in our school ... You see I feel that when people do not have Jobs, the adults are upset and sometimes do dumb things, our kids see this and then go to school angry  become bullies or become Depressed and get bullied. as well as suicide prevention because it give kids a place to shake off the pressure their under So I designed my Recreation center (aka the Teen center) to give kids a fun place to go and relieve stress, the center and other ideas I have will create new jobs, which will make adults more relaxed ... Which in turn will lower crime and less Bullying too ... However I cannot do anything without the support from good people like you. I need good people to help me spread the word about M & M designs, so PLEASE help by supporting US, and the USA  Economy ........ thank  you

You can buy a product which will make new jobs ... we have lots of ideas, so if you want to HELP create New America jobs. Yes we can change the world one T-shirt at a time.

Book Publisher and  all three of the t-shirt sites are based in the USA.  They employ US workers, and they do all the printing and shipping for M & M Designs.  They also offer 100% USA made Products with M & M Designs ... Designs on them. plus all 4 of my Printers, have been in Business for years, ... and yes they take PayPal too.

YES Now you can find us on Youtube.com  too,

so everyone Check this out

M & M Designs,CEO & owner is talking about the TEEN CENTER

at http://youtu.be/yqSVm0168Sg  part 1
http://youtu.be/FRDbHiPYGjg  part 2

11 year old Jacob does the M & M Design rap at http://youtu.be/8oEPtzw9TXU

Oscar fish break dance https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10203207305247351&set=vb.1349942082&&theater

Oscar fish break dance2 https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10203209552703536&set=vb.1349942082&&theater

Thank you Michael Lindsay

SO Please BUY your T-shirt today, cause change only happens if people help those with the ideas to make a change. so PLEASE get a T-shirt and remember to tell all your friends too.

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