Sample Designs By Matt McNamara

 Here are samples of what I can do...Each one is customizable.

 This is a logo I did for a student's website. I can do creative logos that capture your company's model, and ideology. Click on the image to view a larger version. Also, go to The HOT to see examples of other types of work I can do. Which includes alterations on existing images (i.e. adding words, removing words, altering images, removing/adding logos). To get to those pages click "Poster of The Week" on the left side of the page. (Note: Mature content, no nudity, images not meant to offend anyone)  


This is an image that can be placed into an email, and would function as a signature. In this example the logo is linked to the company's main page, the buttons are linked to their respective pages, and the email address is set to open the default email client when clicked (and insert the correct email address into the "To:" field). This is very popular these days, and makes emails look less cluttered and more professional. As of now this can only be used with the Microsoft Outlook email program (although, there are other programs that can do this feature, but they require downloading). To see how the logo is linked, please visit our Email Logo Example


This is a logo for an organization at the University of Illinois. I am not the original designer of the logo, but this version is mine. The three figures are pictures I took, and the image was composed by me. The group's website is Green St. Records. The group produces a professional CD of local music at the U of I campus. The art and designs for this year's album are all my own. I highly suggest that you visit this page because it is some of my best work (you can view the album here: Album Artwork 

        I am also redesigning my own website and I am using flash here also. You can see the banner HERE, but keep in mind that the image looks pixilated because it is blown up to over 100% of its original size.

  These are vertical banner ads, that can be used on the web where appropriate. The images, colors, themes, and words can be customized for your company. You can provide your own images, or if possible I may be able to shoot them myself (depending on my access to the item you would like). I shoot all photos with a professional camera. Click on either the image to the left or right to view a lager and animated version.





 This is a preliminary logo/banner that I did for a customer. This simple and sleek design idea, including the use of the colored lines, is great for ebay usage. Through the use of colors, different design ideas, text, and shapes I can customize a logo/banner for your website or eBay store.

 This is a horizontal banner that can be used as an ad. The options are endless for this banner type. See the vertical ads above for further explanation. 



Other Important Items: 

  • Please go to: Album Artwork for some examples of my best design work.
  • If you have quesitons or are interested in my services please email me at: Matthew McNamara 
  • To see how I charge for my work click here: Rates 
  • I also have services that are not listed above, to read about them click:  Services