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Who is Michael McKechney?

I'm an experienced software development manager, having directed a team of more than 10 geographically diverse people. I am also a senior Microsoft.NET / C# developer working in ASP.NET, Windows Client Applications, Web Services and Windows Services! If you'd like, you can check out my resume.

I've learned a lot along the way and am starting to share some of the things I've created and found useful. See what I've done...

Open Source Projects

Subversion Notify for Windows
Enables the multiple path configuration of Subversion source control pre- and post-commit hook actions, including the enforcement of Regex commit checks, integration with the Bugzilla tracking system and sending of detailed Diff e-mails in easily readable HTML format.

Sql Build Manager / Sql Sync
An all in one tool for building and maintaining a package of SQL scripts to manage builds and updates to your SQL Server database.

Active Directory Helper
A simple end user utility to query user and group information out of Active Directory

Multi-Line String Formatter
A handy utility to easily manage repetitive text formatting and processing tasks without the need for any custom scripting.

Enumeration Generator
A Visual Studio.NET custom tool code generator that will automatically create enumeration and constants class files based off of data in a database code/look-up table.

Coding Articles

File Hash Generator Shell Extension
Describes a shell extension option that calculates the file hash (SHA-1, MD5 etc.) of a file for use in verifying authenticity.

Visual Studio .NET "Add New Item" Custom Template Installer
Tool to automate the installation of Custom Item Templates in Visual Studio .NET.

Automated Registration of Visual Studio Custom Tools
Describes a utility to simplify the registration of a VS.NET custom tool

Create String Variable from Text File Source
A utility to consume a text file and produce a code snippet concatenating the contents in a string variable.. and more!

Create String Variable from Embedded Resources Files
Use embedded text files as the source for populating large string variables