MMA Beatdown


Welcome to MMA Beatdown!!!!

The site is now live and ready to go!!!! This is a site dedicated to  one of the hottest sports of the century, Mixed Martial Arts.  I will be posting multiple articles a week concerning MMA (mainly UFC).  
4/2/08:  MMA Beatdown's Fighter Ranking System is now live!  Check it out, feedback is helpful! 
4/1/08:  UFN 13 Predictions are up for both Styles and I.


2/19/08:  Who is the biggest threat to Georges St Pierre at 170 lbs? is also coming soon!!! 

2/19/08:  Independent writer Styles now will be providing predictions for some UFC events.  Check out Styles' Predictions and be sure to check out Styles' UFC 82 Predictions! 

2/8/08:  UFC 82: Pride Of a Champion Predictions are now live!!!
2/8/08: 5 UFC Fighters Not To Watch In 2008 is up and live!!! 
1/29/08:  The site navigation has been completely redone to be simplified.  Also I have added a search bar, if you have a favorite fighter just type it in, and if you only want to see articles form this site switch the button to the mmadiamond (our old name) option. 
1/29/08:  10 Fighters to watch in 2008 is live today!!! Due to the length it has been released in 2 parts! 
1/29/08:  UFC 81 Predictions are now live!!!  Know where the smart money is this week!