Welcome to Mathematica at Hamline


This website contains information about using Mathematica at Hamline as well as links to useful files and laboratory files for various classes. You can access files directly, or link to them from your Google Drive. See the Google Drive page for information on doing this.

Mathematica in Computer labs:

Mathematica should be available in all of the labs on campus, either from an icon on the desktop or from the Start menu (under Wolfram). Currently, the icon might point to version 8.0, so you may have to go the Start menu to launch Mathematica 9.

Obtaining Mathematica:

You can obtain a copy of Mathematica to install on your personal computer (as long as you are a Hamline student or faculty member). Go to Piperline and find the version of Mathematica that you want in the Software Download section. Carefully read the directions there.