Drill Team

                                     "Alpha Platoon"

Massachusetts Maritime Academy drill team is an up and coming  organization on campus. The drill team performs with the regimental band and honor guard at major parades and events. The drill team is a competitive team and competes at two regional drill competitions a year.  The drill team is an Student Government Association (SGA) sponsored team and is open to all cadets at the academy.  

           Drill Team Staff  

Drill Team Commander, 2/c Michael Romano
Drill Team  Exc. Offc.,  2/c  V. Raulinaitis

Drill Team Squadron Ldr.  :  2/c  M. Lauzon
Exhibition Drill Platoon Ldr. : 2/c  J. Boucher
Treasurer: 3/c K. Dougherty

                                                                        2010  Competition Standing

Cornell University 29th Annual Drill Competition:        2nd place: Platoon Inspection      4th Place:  IDR , 3/c McNally

                                                                        2011  Competition Standing

Cornell University 30th Annual Drill Competition:        7th Place: Color Guard

                                                                        2012  Competition Standing

Cornell University 31st Annual Drill Competition:    3rd Place: Color Guard    4th Place: 10K  Race, 3/c Brady