Welcome to Studio Blue  


 MLT records

M.L.T=More Like Takeover             CE0: Mloz Fire           Manager,recording artist,co-producer&engineer: Mloz Fire        

Assistant Manager&producer: Xquizite  

MLT records is a new independent (indy) record label created by passionate and talented musical artists for the suit of quality sounds that reflect our contemporary time. MLT was founded in the year 2006 by its owner, Mensah a.ka Mloz Fire (also known as Lozel or meme) in the living room of his residence. Today, MLT records is taking a step forward to open a fully equiped studio on the East side of Tucson, Arizona on Avenida Polar street around 22nd and wilmot road.

Record your next song(s) or complete your project(s) at Studio Blue. Hands down, it will be an unforgetable experience, undeniable sound improvement, and a next level endeavor.

Come check it out !

what's the word: you know who i am, Mloz fire i'm taking over !                               




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