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Skype Logic Activity

  • For this activity each person should have Skype installed, and have a Skype ID set up.
  • Make sure everyone has logged into skype. Right now their contact list (assuming new users) should be mostly empty.  If necessary, people can post their skype id's on a common page like Skype Sign-In. But this may be best done at the end of the activity.
  • Each person will get at least one clue Provided by Instructor. Note that some people may have multiple clues.
  • Take each person's name into a hat and have each person pick a name. That name (could be the Skype ID) will be the only person initially that the person can contact.
  • Instructor covers the basics of how to add a user to your contacts
  • Instructor covers how to send and receive chats
  • Participants chat with their partners for 2 min to ensure any questions or problems get ironed out

During this activity there is to be no talking other than to ask the instructor for help or clarification with the instructor. No talking between the participants is permitted. After receiving your clue(s) the instructor will provide a record sheet for you to record your findings as you learn more about the mystery case.

When contacting a person, you are allowed to do the following...
    • You may share one clue (and only one) with that person. (you will need to type your clue in) If time is a factor omit this rule
    • You may share one contact (and only one) with that person (Click Here for instructions how to do that easy)
  • Instructor will have to look for sample logic problems from either online or in magazine formats.
  • It is advised that the Instructor break up the clues so that most clues are single statements.
  • Furthermore, the instructor should solve the puzzle and add in a few (3-8) clues that will help the participants quickly and easily process through the puzzle. For this activity, the concentration is on learning the communication process and not on the logic solving abilities. Of course if the participants are math teachers, don't cut them any slack and hit them with the original clues {grin}
  • Print and cut out the modified clues to distribute during the activity.