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As part of a Title IID grant, this regional training initiative was set up to create cohorts in schools to improve the effectiveness of technology in our schools. Each cohort meets at regular intervals throughout the year to exp
lore pedagogy and ideas around technology in our classrooms. In addition to the 30+ hours of training, each teacher receives in-class mentorship support between training sessions to help support chang
es the teacher adopts as part of the program.

The program has been runing now for 3 years with this fourth year including 10 schools throughout Northern Aroostook County in Maine. It is anticipated that overĀ  50 teachers will be partaking of this training this year.

Please feel free to contact me concerning any training questions, any of the resources listed here on this site, or to share any educational dreams you may have.

Enjoy your experiences in this site

Ed Latham

Support for MLTI/eMINTS professional development is provided by NCLBA Title IID - Enhancing Education Through Technology Competitive Grants.