Favorite Art Lessons
A variety of written lesson plans and photographic documentation

Knd- Kente Cloth Weaving

1st-Beautiful Clay Blackbirds

2nd -It's Okay to Be Different Illustrations

3rd- Frida Kahlo Self-Portraits

4th- Clay People

5th- Flexagons


3rd Grade- symetry, masks in many cultures

Folk Art

3rd grade- This piece by Nellie Mae Rowe was shown at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta. My students created their own folk art paintings, which had to tell a story.

Chameleon Printmaking

1st graders learned about chameleons' habitats, anatomy and why they change color. They drew pictures of chameleons, created prints, and pasted their print into their habitat drawing. This is a picture of a small, shy little chameleo taken at Petco. I was so interested in chameleons, I wanted to buy one to show my students. However, they are high maintenance pets and cost $100 apiece. Students are fascinated and engaged and their drawings are outstanding. We drew chameleons on the outside of our school with chalk, draw on bookmarks, and will watch Madagascar, where Panther Chameleons reside.