Profile in Fitness - Betsy Snope

by Suzanne Frank
photo by Margery Rubin

“When we came here,” said
Betsy Snope, “we certainly did not consider asking about the effectiveness of the fitness program.  Now, three years later, I can say that exercise has become a major component of my life at Medford Leas.  I have more endurance, I feel stronger, I have more energy and I have better balance and control over my body.

 “When I go to New York City and navigate my way through the subway carrying my loom, I used to have to stop a few times on my way up the stairs.  Now I don’t need to rest.  And this is kind of my own test for being stronger and having more endurance.”

Betsy loves water aerobics and strength training classes and tries to do some kind of exercise six days a week.  “On Sunday, I don’t do anything.” If she misses a class, she just goes to the Fitness Center -- although she really prefers the interaction of the group sessions.  “I used to walk, and that was about it. I never was much into sports and athletics,” she confided.

 “I’ve always been stoop-shouldered and I think because my back is so much stronger, my posture has improved noticeably. When I first began my exercise program, I was using 2 lb. weights and now I’m comfortable with 5 lb. ones.   And I feel my sense of balance is much better in that if I trip, I can recover very readily.”  This aspect of Betsy’s fitness is really rewarding for her, as she claims to have been rather klutzy all her life. 

 Betsy is amazed at the quality of the Aquatics and Fitness staff.  “They take time with you, and give you personal advice.  It’s like having a personal trainer and, as a bonus, we all have fun at the same time.”