iPad User's Group

The Medford Leas iPad User's Group exists to help residents learn more about their iPads and to feel more comfortable using them. 

The format of the meetings will be an open workshop for questions and help on any subject.

The meetings are scheduled for the First Friday of each month at 10:00 AM in the Holly Room. Meetings may be cancelled if that date falls on or near a holiday. Check this page for updates.

Next Meeting

July 7, 2017 10:00 AM in the Holly Room

How can I keep track of the Group’s Activities?

Take a look toward the bottom of the web page. You should see files listed. If you tap on the red arrow to the right, you can download or view the file. Tapping on the file name may also enable you to view the file, but it may be necessary to sign into a Google Account, if you have one. (Google Accounts are a subject for another day).

I will be adding the notes for each session of the User’s Group to this page, so if you miss a session or want to review, you can download the notes from this page and keep them on your iPad as long as you wish.

Saving the download in iBooks

In order to get the most out of the notes that you download, you may wish to keep them in the Apple iBooks app. Then you will be able to read them at any time, with or without Internet (Wi-Fi) access.

After you have clicked on the red arrow or the file name, the file will open as shown above. For a short time, you will see a box at the top that says, Open in “iBooks.” The box will disappear in a few seconds, to see it again, tap anywhere on the screen.

To open the file in iBooks, just tap on the Open in “iBooks” box. Now whenever you want to refer to the file, you can just open iBooks.

Links to Class Notes

Other Reference files

  • Learning Like a 5 Year Old. We’ve all marveled at how our grandchildren are so proficient with technology compared to us. I’ve been very curious about it and have wondered why this seems to be true. I’ve wondered if we, that is “older People” can learn the same way.
  • Apple iOS icons pages showing commonly used icons for iOS (iPhones or iPads) 
  • iOS 7 Passcode Lock. How to disable iOS 7 Passcode Lock if Apple convinced you to turn it on, but you find it annoying and want it off.
  • Pathways iPad Workshop, October 2013. Materials from the Pathways course.
    • Information you Need to Know to Start Using Your iPad
    • What you need to know about iCloud, Accounts and Passwords
    • Using Gestures on the iPad
    • Using the Apple App Store - Introduction
    • iOS 7 Passcode Lock and how to turn it OFF
    • Searching on the Internet using Safari
    • Viewing pictures in the Photos App
    • Emailing photos
    • Using the Contacts App
    • Save an email address from an existing email
    • Using FaceTime
    • Texting with the Messages App
    • Borrowing eBooks from the Burlington County Library
    • Shopping on-line
  • AARP TEK Academy. Learn how to use the technology in your life. AARP TEK Academy is a free, easy to use online learning platform designed to help 50 plus Americans get the most out of technology and to connect with family and friends. Located at AARPTEK.org, the site offers dozens of tutorials on a range of helpful topics, from social media to staying safe online.