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Ithaca Mayoral Candidate's New Political Approach: "The People's Emancipation Party"

posted Apr 20, 2011, 8:35 AM by MLK Community Build   [ updated Apr 27, 2011, 8:46 PM ]

To all invested members of our society,

I am writing to introduce a NEW political approach and party, "The People's Emancipation Party."  Below is a brief outline of the guiding principles for the party.  We look forward to your input, contribution and suggestions.  Thank you for your time and engagement in the political process.

For more information or to contribute please visit:, 

or email:, or call: (607)-220-9857.

Founded in 2011, the PEP is here to embody empathy, humility, consciousness, sensitivity, pluralism, selflessness and future-mindedness in an effort to nurture collective responsibility, equitable political representation, and to sustain life upon our planet.

PEP presently and will forever acknowledge, listen, represent & support the concerns of traditionally disenfranchised People.  PEP is here to recognize, confront and transform our current political system into a working political system that is engaging, wholly representative, credible, trustworthy and competent.

Guiding Principles of PEP (2011)

  • We want equity and the freedom to self-determine the present and future circumstances of our disenfranchised communities.
  • We want living wage and locally based employment for ALL disenfranchised People.  We promote employment that fosters service to others rather than domination and/or exploitation domestically and/or abroad.
  • We want the immediate abolishment of the economic exploitation of our communities by wealthy Capitalists (i.e. Goldman Sachs bailout scheme & Collegetown Consolidation).
  • We want affordable, ecologically friendly and sustainable communities, ecosystems and housing to shelter ALL People in our city.
  • We want an education system that informs and empowers ALL of the children in our community.

  • At a minimum we want equitable distribution of land, food, housing, education, clothing, justice and peace for our entire community.

*Inspired by the 10-Point Platform established by The Black Panther Party for self-Defense, the principles of the US Green Party & the United States “Declaration of Independence.”


Political System:  Method of organizing People in an effort to support all People in equity along with the sustainability of ALL life on Our biosphere.

To be disenfranchised in the United States:  The “category” of People that are defined as disenfranchised/oppressed in this specific case are People who are living in poverty, working class and lower class, African Americans, Latino/a Americans, First Nation Americans (American Indians) and otherwise devalued ethnicities.  The scope also extends beyond race and class to include disenfranchised spiritualities and sexualities.

Anthony Gallucci
People's Emancipation Party Mayoral Candidate