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Welcome to the Blogging Project Toolkit!  This toolkit has two sections:

(1) Create your own blog: a Google Presentation that guides you the process of creating and publishing a blog site.
(2) Integrate blogging into your classroom: a set of resources that you can download and print to get you started in integrating a blog site into your classroom.

Create your own blog
The following slideshow will guide you the creation of a blog space.  Pearson Foundation staff will be there to support you through the process. As you begin, think about how the blog space you create may be used with your own students as a sample site!  Use this idea to select a content-relevant topic or theme that you can model for your class.

Project Assembly: Blogging

Integrate blogging into your classroom
Ready to get started in your classroom?  Now that you have created your own blog site, the following resources will support you through the technical steps of setting up a blog space for your students.

Resources: Blogging

  • Card-Blogging.pdf   1797k - Oct 3, 2009, 9:43 AM by Nancy Chou (v3)
    ‎A project card that can be printed and distributed to students to complete a blogging project in 5 simple steps  ‎
  • GettingStarted_Blogging.pdf   316k - Sep 27, 2009, 8:02 AM by Nancy Chou (v1)
    ‎A guide to preparing for a blogging project in your classroom‎
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