About the Project & Us

Hi there! We’re students from the University of Hong Kong (HKU)!

4 of us form as a team to work out the project "Mainland Hakka Immigrants in Hong Kong" for LCOM3001. Cultural dimensions of language and communication, a course under the Language and Communication Programme of HKU's School of English, instructed by Dr Lisa Lim, in 2011-2012 Semester 2.

The course uses UNESCO's International Mother Language Day as the focus and inspiration. It hopes that students like us can try to apply the communication theories and knowledge we learned into projects which look into the different multilingual contexts and emphasis the importance of linguistic and cultural diversity, so as to broaden our horizon concerning intercultural relations that are associated with language and communication!

So, we pick Mainland Hakka immigrants in Hong Kong as our objects of study because we're curious to know:

  1. What are the reasons for Mainland Hakka immigrants to immigrant to Hong Kong?
  2. What the language issues they have to face after immigrating to Hong Kong?
  3. What are their language choices after immigrating to Hong Kong?
  4. How do they see their identities after immigrating to Hong Kong?

To understand their feelings and culture well, we interview 2 mothers and 2 children separately from 2 Hakka families, which has immigrated to Hong Kong for more than 10 years, and find more about Hakka culture!

So just click around and check out anything interesting! Hope you like it!


Project members:

Fok Wai Chung, Charles (Year 3) (Editor-at-large)
Majors: Language and Communication, Media and Cultural Studies

Ip Hong Ting, Candy (Year 3)
Major: Language and Communication
Minor: Translation

Kirsten Hennes (Exchange Student)
Master's Programme in Intercultural Encounters
Major: Latin American Studies

Wong Tik Hung, Warren (Year 3)
Majors: Language and Communication, French