MLG & friends: trends and future in data science and bioinformatics

2016, July the 18th, ULB, La Plaine, NO5

Workshop Details

The ULB Machine Learning Group (MLG) is a research unit of the Computer Science Department of the Faculty of Sciences, co-headed by Prof. Gianluca Bontempi and Prof. Tom Lenaerts. MLG was founded in 2004 by Gianluca Bontempi. The activity of the group covers the areas of machine learning, computational modelling and statistics and their applications in data mining, simulation and time series prediction. In October 2008, Tom Lenaerts joined MLG as a new academic, extending the group's expertise towards computational biology, evolutionary dynamics and complex systems research.

The workshop aims to present the current research topics and future perspectives of former and current ULB MLG researchers in data science and bioinformatics.   

Though the workshop idea originates from the wish of having an informal and open discussion between researchers with common background, we encourage also the participation of external researchers and students.  No registration fee is charged but registration is mandatory before the 15th of July.