Myspace and Social Networking Resources

PowerPoint Second Life


Transcript Second Life (may be slight alterations since I did not save all of the questions.  This is just what I wrote up before the event.)


Myspace and Social Networking Articles and Resources

Teens and Social Networking in Schools and Public Libraries.  YALSA


Positive Uses of Social Networking.  YALSA


More Than Half of MySpace Visitors Now 35 or Older - Comscore Network 


First Major Study of Myspace


Hitwise US: MySpace Tops in Sending Google Traffic


Myspace: The Business of Spam 2.0


Myspace Conquers Google; Takes on World 


Myspace Gains Top Ranking of U.S. Websites 

Social Networking Sites See Rise in Competition


Social Networking Sites Grow 47% - Nielsen / NetRatings


Abram, Stephen.  "Some Tricks to Build Information Fluency - Part 2." Multimedia and Internet at Schools, Vol 13, Iss 6, Nov/Dec 2006.


Barnes, J.A.  "Class and Committee in a Norwegian Island Parish"


Bernstein, Jared.  "My Homework's Done: Can Imbee on My Blog?"  EContent 29 No. 5, June 2006 


Carlson, Scott.  "The Library at CUNY's Brooklyn College Makes Friends on Myspace"  The Chronicle of Higher Education Vol 52, Iss 37, May 19, 2006.


Lamb, Annette and Johnson, Larry.  "Want to Be My "Friend"? What You Need to Know About Social Technologies."  Teacher Librarian 34, No. 1 55-57 October 2006



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Tame the Web

Totally Wired

Handouts for Internet Safety for Parents Presentation



Social Sites

Internet Safety Sheet

Myspace Makeover Sites


Useful Sites for More Information on Internet Safety 

Common Sense Media Internet Survival Guide  

Myspace Safety Tips Page (includes a link to request deletion of your child’s myspace account)  

GetNetWise Online Safety Guide (includes information by age and subject) 

The Federal Trade Commission’s Social Networking Sites: a Parent’s Guide  (includes sections by age and subject.) (Also, includes articles relating to Internet safety)  

National Cyber Security Alliance 

I-safe Inc. (online educational videos for different age groups.  Non-profit organization) 

10 Technical Questions: What Every Parent Must Know to Keep Children Safe Online

(Includes things like how to check the history and temporary files on your computer, how to remove spyware, etc. also includes educational books and videos for children.  Recommended for under age 11)  

On Guard Online: Social Networking Sites: A Parent’s Guide 

Consumer Reports: Cyber-Insecurity (Online protection)