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Will Logan get a story?

This has to be one of the most asked questions I have received. With each book, the amount of times I get asked this question multiplies. People say, "Loved the book. Can you tell me if Logan finds love?" My poor Logan. 

It had been my intention from the very beginning to give Logan a book. I was a little concerned about it after Love Realized was released because readers were so passionate about being pissed off at him, that I wasn't sure his book would be received very well. Once a cheater, always a cheater they say. Right?

Well, to answer the question, yes, Logan will be getting a book. Hold your applause though, because his book is not the next to be released. As we have seen in each of the books, Logan is paying his dues. He screwed up royally and with an exclamation mark. The next adventure we will be taken on with be with the younger generation of Baxters first. But don't worry, you will see the older ones there too.

Who is the next book about?

The next book to be released, the one I am currently writing, is a spin off. The series is yet to be titled, but it is the younger generation of Baxter kids. It will start with Jonathan Baxter in his third year of college. It will be considered a New Adult Romance, not a Young Adult. There will be scenes of a mature nature involved, because let's face it, we know what twenty one year old college students do, right?

There will most likely, at this point in time, be three books in the is untitled series. This will also allow us to get a story from Madison and Zane.

But since Madison is still too young, I'll be venturing back to Logan before I write her story.   
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