Documenting Murals

New murals have been painted in the school building! Pictures will be posted as soon as they are available!

Murals, mostly painted by students, cover the walls of the MLC School in Portland, OR.  An engaged group, of eight middle school history detectives, leads their volunteer teacher on an exploration of the history of these primary source works of art.  Seeing that this is the first page of the site, we think the mural below fits nicely!

This is the first thing you see when you walk in to MLC, so we think its a good opening page.

(Laura's daughter's mural)

Welcome to the project. 

Each student "adopted" a mural.  The school has a long tradition of everyone in the community going by just their first names.  Artists of murals often just sign only their first name adding a layer of challenge for the creators of this site.


Getchen: Wonder Women

Aubrey: Athena

Laurel: tree in the hall near KCLC

Ava:  Rainbow Snail

Will: (started with mural near gym now swapping for the mural of the Pickle Farm in the Commons)

Ethan:  Rolling Stone Album (third floor)

Daimon:  Spike Jones Mural

Parker: Crushing Elder

Lemon: Alice In Wonderland

Dr. Tanya Lyn March: First and Second grade the Dinos on the first floor