About the track

Update: we have announced the dates for this track. We would like to allow two months for the participants to work on the corpus and the queries.

The mailing lists and forums we are considering typically consist of message threads, most of which are started by somebody seeking a solution to a technical problem (s)he faced. Other members seek clarifications / more details about the problem, or reply with proposed solutions. The initial poster may explain the problem in more detail in subsequent messages, if required. The other members may help the poster to eventually reach a solution; or the problem may remain unsolved in that thread. Sometimes, the poster may be referred to an earlier thread, where the solution can be found. Occasionally, the discussion digresses into other topics as well.

These aspects of the data from a mailing list or discussion forum make retrieval of the solution (i.e. finding a message, or a set of messages containing a legitimate solution) fairly complex. The objective of this track is to evaluate the effectiveness of retrieval and classification systems on this type of data. This is a pilot track starting this year and we eagerly look forward to your participation.

Here is a description of the tasks for this year.