Mladen Kovačević

Senior Researcher
BioSense Institute
University of Novi Sad

Prior to this, I was a research fellow in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, National University of Singapore (NUS), where I had the pleasure of working with Vincent Y. F. Tan
And before that, I was an assistant professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Novi Sad, Serbia (Chair for Communications and Signal Processing).

News and activities:

  • Nov 2018:  Paper published in IEEE Commun. Lett. [doi][arXiv]  (topic: codes correcting tandem-duplication errors in DNA-based data storage systems).
  • Jul 2018:  Paper published in IEEE Trans. Inform. Theory [doi][arXiv]  (topic: codes in the space of multisets, with applications in permutation channels and DNA-based data storage).
  • Jun 2018:  I joined the BioSense Institute in Novi Sad.
  • Mar 2018:  New work completed [arXiv]  (topic: runlength-limited sequences and codes correcting bit-shift errors).
  • Mar 2018:  I gave a talk at the Japan-Singapore Workshop on Coding and Information Theory, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, on our recent work on communication over state-dependent channels with feedback [arXiv]. This work was also presented by Carol at ITA'18 and by Vincent at ISIT'18.
  • Dec 2017:  Paper published in IEEE Trans. Inform. Theory [doi][arXiv]  (topic: zero-error communication in the presence of shift and timing errors).
  • Nov 2017:  Paper published in IEEE Trans. Inform. Theory [doi][arXiv]  (topic: zero-error communication over parallel channels with skews).
  • Sep 2017:  Paper published in IEEE Commun. Lett. [doi][arXiv]  (topic: error-detecting codes for asymmetric channels).
  • Sep 2017:  Paper published in SIAM J. Discrete Math. [doi][arXiv]  (topic: Sidon sets in finite Abelian groups and lattice packings of simplices).