Please download and view the first and second edition of BALM: The MLAB Journal, featuring creative visual and written work from High School students in the Syracuse City School District!

The work was made in conjunction with TRM 300/500 and ENG 650: Literacy, Community, Photography classes at Syracuse University.

BALM: The MLAB Zine is edited and published by the Mobile Literacy Arts Bus (MLAB), Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York.

Please see the Zine for a full list of acknowledgments and participants.

To download: click on the file links under "Attachments" and your download will begin!
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The Fall '08 ediiton (volume 1) features work from Fowler High School from Mr. Lutwin's first period English class.
The  Spring '09 edition (volume 2) features work from Nottingham High School's Ms. Benedetto and Ms. Zizzi's third period English class.

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For more information about about MLAB or BALM: the MLAB Zine, please check out the MLAB blog!

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Jessica Posner
MLAB Coordinator
Syracuse University

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M Lab,
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