From: President & CEO
Subject: Welcome
Hello - you have been selected to serve on the XM Satellite Radio Team.  As a part of the Market Research Extraordinaire company, you are a market research and planning consultant.  Your job is to work with many companies to analyze their current company's situation and their marketing operations.  You are to make logically supported recommendations and provide tools and information on how to execute those recommendations.

XM Satellite Radio has asked that our organization review a previous Harvard Business Case that was written in 1997.  You are to assess their situation under the existing constraints for that time period and develop a set of recommendations.  If we are successful in determining the recommendation that XM approves of Market Research Extraordinaire will be asked to prepare a full marketing plan, for which you will also be a part of that team.

There are several tasks that you will be asked to complete.  In order to be successful and to be eligible for promotions and raises at Market Research Extraordinaire, you will be required to do the following:

Review the resources provided for the course and for each task accordingly.  It is critical that before you begin a task you are familiar with what is being required of you, please review the requirements and ask questions prior to beginning your task.

Your project leader will be available and capable of answering all of your questions.  You may e-mail your project leader or ask questions in our online discussion forums so that others may also receive the answers.

Announcements, project information and answers to commonly asked questions are also available in our online community.

Please assume that none of your teammates are readily available for meetings.  Utilize technology to its full impact for the development of ideas and project deliverables.

Thank you again for your commitment to the success of XM Satellite Radio and to Market Research Extraordinaire.