• We will be sending out a weekly email, so please be make sure we have your correct email address
  • If you wish to be added to OR taken off this list, please send an email including your child's name to

Team Suits 

See Attached File below for a picture of MKMP's 2018 Team Suits - Available at Pedigree Ski Shop in Bedford Hills.  Let them know you are from MKMP.

Swim and Dive Meets
  • Check the swim team board and meet line-up ALWAYS and OFTEN, it is continually changing....why, because when swimmers and divers tell the coaches they cannot compete in the meet, the coaches need to fill that spot with another swimmer or diver
  • Look at the team calendar and let the coach know if your child cannot swim or dive in a particular meet ASAP
  • Sometimes a swimmer who would normally swim in a B meet may be scheduled to swim in a Dual Meet to fill an open spot...always check the board
  • Your swimmer or diver should be ready for warm-up at 15 minutes before warm-up begins and check-in with the coaches
     Away Meets 
  • MEET DIRECTIONS are posted on the bulletin board or you can print out a copy from the web site
  • Please allow plenty of time for traffic and parking. Swimmer and Divers should be ready for warm up at least 15 minutes before warm-up begins
  • Help is needed at each AWAY meet, a list will be posted on the bulletin board, sign up for each meet via Sign-Up Genius (see MEETS PAGE) or you can always email us:
    • timers (6)
    • ribbon writing (1)
    • scorekeeper (1)
     Home Meets 
  • Help is needed at each HOME meet, a list will be posted on the bulletin board, sign up for each meet via Sign-Up Genius (see MEETS PAGE) or you can always email us:
    • timers (6)
    • runner (1)
    • ribbon writer (2)
    • scorekeeper (1)
    • announcer (1)
    • at the concession stand (3 or 4)
  • A Concession Stand is held for all HOME swim meets. A donations list for the concession stand is posted on the bulletin board, sign up for each meet via Sign-Up Genius (see MEETS PAGE) or you can always email me, Beth Mannion 774-4693 or  The following are always needed:
    • Cases of water - 16oz Poland Spring, Nestle or Dasani

Team Dinner

  • Pizza / Pool Party, TBA
  • By Diving Pool / Tent Area, Pizza & Salad will be served - some deserts are needed (please sign up). 
  • $10 per family - pay at meets, see Beth Mannion
  • Bring a chair or blanket to sit on
  • We hope you and your family will attend to celebrate your swimmer and divers achievements!
    • Please RSVP and let us know how many will attend
    • RSVP via SIGN-UP GENIUS  or the bulletin board at the pool 
      • YES or NO
      • How many from your family will attend dinner
      • Would you like to bring a dessert?

  • We are once again collecting from parents for a group gift for all the coaches
    • Suggested donation - $20 per family
    • Donation can be given to Beth Mannion or Triona Morgan or handed in at the concession stand at home meets
  • Have additional questions - Contact Beth Mannion or 914-774-4693
    Slide Show 
  • PLEASE share your pictures with us!
  • We will periodically send a link to our online picture show
  • Pictures can be individual, group pictures, swimmers swimming, divers diving, coaches coaching
  • It is best if you put the pictures on a CD or thumb drive LABELED with your name on it so we can return it to you.  You can give the CD's/thumb drives to Beth Mannion.  The earlier you get them to us the better
  • Download the Parent Booklet located at the bottom of this page
  • Feel free to contact a coach or parent representative if you have additional questions. 
  • Kindly approach the coaches before or after practice and meets as their attention is on the kids at these times. You can always leave a message with a Pool Director
  • You can send a NON URGENT message via email, HOWEVER we are not always in front of the computer so please allow 24 hours for us to reply.  PLEASE include a phone number with your email. 
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Beth Mannion,
Jun 25, 2018, 7:25 PM
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