Mesquite in Mexico

The desert influences the plant which influences the food.

Mesquite is most often associated with BBQ food, however, it originates as a legume grown in deserts of Mexico.  The mesquite bean grows on a deciduous tree that can reach about 18 feet in height - unusual for a desert tree!  Mesquite trees have a honey-flavored pulp that can lead bees to make smoky honey.  Wood from a mesquite tree burns slowly, adding a distinct, smoky flavor to food. 

The Flavor

Zapps potato chips describes their mesquite flavored chips as "Mesquite BBQ - Yippee Cowhands, Our Sweet Mesquite Flavor Tastes Like An Old Wild West Cookout. It'll Make Ya Want To Kiss Your Horse…Or Spouse…Or Both."

NewBee Guide To Making Mead says that their mesquite honey is "Light, delicate, and it does taste like "mesquite" -- not smoky, but if you can taste the difference between mesquite-smoke and hickory-smoke, you'll have an idea what to expect of the honey. "

The Location

Mesquite grows in a variety of areas, including the Sonoran and Chihuahuan deserts in Mexico.



From honey to BBQ, mesquite is a Mexican plant that influences Mexican cuisine.  Any sort of available food in Mexico is grilled over mesquite wood, from fish to bananas to lamb to tortillas.  Add chiles and salsa to combine the most popular Mexican ingredients and you are set!  Some popular dishes are carne asada and fajitas, both of which involve grilling over mesquite wood.