Applying to College

Deciding how to further your education is an important task.

It requires a lot of thinking as it can involve huge decisions such as whether to remain in

Arizona or move to the other side of the country.  No matter where you want or don't want to go, its important not to limit your options.  Some schools cost a great deal of money and while you may be smart enough to attend, your Grade Point Average may not be what admission counselors are looking for.  Work hard every day in every class so that you have options that you may not even know about yet.


There's nothing wrong with having too many options to choose from!


Have you registered for entrance exams?

Most schools require applicants to take the SAT or the ACT (or both!).  Look at the general admission requirements of the schools that interest you so that you know what you test(s) you need to take and how well you need to do on it.  Don't limit yourself to the minimum score required as highest scores look better on scholarship applications.



                (Sophomores get ahead of the game and take the PSAT!)


Have you applied for financial aide (via the FASFA)? 

It's important that you get your FASFA filled out and sent to the schools that interest you ASAP (may be submitted as early as January 1st of the year you are graduating).  The FASFA determines what type of awards you are eligible for: scholarships, loans, and/or grants.  All three awards are great, but remember you do not need to pay back scholarships or grants.  Do not wait to file your FASFA because the money will not wait for you.

Federal Application for Student Financial Aid -


Have you applied for scholarships?

Many scholarships go to waste simply because people fail to complete their paper work or submit it by the deadline.  Look into scholarships that your school(s) of choice offer and see what the qualifications are.  Also check your high school career or guidance center for listings of scholarships offered by local businesses or other groups.  There are also many websites available that list scholarships you can apply for.  (Most of these are free as you should not need to pay for scholarship listings!)

Fast Web -


Have you sent in your applications?

Once you have found schools that interest you, start getting your paper work ready to apply for admission.  Check to see if your school has a priority deadline or any other timelines that you need to be aware of, such as when they begin accepting applications for new students.