Marguerite Keesee, PhD

Dr. Keesee received her PhD from the Sociology department at the University of Oklahoma in 2005 with an emphasis in deviance, crime and social stratification.  She currently serves as a Associate Research faculty for the University of Oklahoma, Center for Spatial Analysis.   Dr. Keesee is also participating in an online GIS program in order to extend her ability to conduct research in the area of social ecology.   Her current research interests include:Integration of social theory and spatial analysis to improve ability to predict high risk targets for terrorist and criminal activity; identification of neighborhood and community factors that increase the likelihood of criminal behavior and recidivism through the use of spatial analysis; and the investigating the effectiveness of spatial analysis technology in improving our ability to mitigate, intervene in and detect cyber crime.

General Areas of Interest

Deviance, Crime and Delinquency/ Social Ecology/Spatial Criminology

Racial/Ethnic/Gender Disparities in Crime and Health

High Risk Health Behaviors with a focus on HIV/STD

Alcohol, Drugs and Society

Research Methods and Program Evaluation

Risk and Crisis Prevention, mitigation, response and recovery

Community-Based Participatory Research

General Teaching Interests 

Deviance and Social Control, Criminology, Juvenile Delinquency

Social Ecology/Spatial Criminology & Deviance

Race/Ethnic/Gender Disparities

Research Methods & Statistics (Qualitative and Quantitative)

Applied Social Research and Program Evaluation

Social problems


Classical and Contemporary Social Thought