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Cable Stockist
- Our large sum of stock would be your power to your projects.
Do please fax or email your inquiry RFQ / MRP to us and state time of delivery needed, brands, we'll reply by quotation as immediate as possible (working hours).

Our stock is 100% brand new from
1. top 5 cables manufacturer in Indonesia (Jembo, Supreme, Metal, Tranka & Lindo).
2. Imported cables : Istrument, FRC, HRC, Data
UTP or STP Cat-5E / 6 .

Since 1996 - this business is based on stock. You might check ours first. We are Jakarta based company with well equipped transportation. Our significant growth is adapted from good management and very skilled employee to customer satisfaction guarantee.

NOTE: We do not sale copper scraps with metric/ ton scale nor buy it.
Our stock is 100% brand new from top 5 cables manufacturer in Indonesia (Jembo, Supreme, Metal, Tranka & Lindo).
We are not replying on those kind of offer.

1. Cables Supplier Jakarta / Suplier Kabel (Cables Vendor)
2. Electric Cables / Kabel Listrik
3. Cables Specialist / Spesialis Kabel
4. Stockist
    N2XY - N2XSY - N2XSEBY
6. Belden - Nexan - Prysmian - Draka - IMC

Feel Free to browse our web through the left navigator.

Remember to check on our primary website : www.mke-cables.com.

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