Cleaning Schedule

Squeaky Clean! 

I am a neat freak.  I think it comes from my parents- they always kept our home super clean- as in they mopped the garage floor cleanI remember a funny story about going to spend the night at my BFF's house for the first time when I was 8 and when she asked what I wanted to do I said "Let's clean your room!" and she replied, "I just did it before you came."  My mom says I am a little obsessed with cleaning- it's like a hobby.


Cleaning Checklist


-       put away the mail

-       put dishes in the dishwasher and start if full, put away clean dishes

-       hand wash pots and pans

-       wipe down counters, cooking, and eating surfaces


Two to Three Times a Week

-       vacuum area rugs and floors



-       dust all furniture

-       dust mop hardwoods and clean with Bona

-       vacuum the couches and chair

-       change the bed sheets

-       do all laundry

-       deep clean the kitchen

o   wipe down counters, stove, cabinets

o   scrub the sink

o   clean baseboards  

o   mop floor, wipe baseboards

-       deep clean the bathroom

o   clean counters, tops of furniture

o   scrub shower

o   scrub toilet

o   mop floor, wipe baseboards

o   clean the mirror

-        check the houseplants to make sure they have sufficient water

-       clean out the litter box

-       vacuum out dog crate


Every Other Week (rotation 1)

-       clean baseboards in main rooms

-       dust light fixtures

-       sweep the front porch

-       clean the mailbox and house numbers

-       sweep the sidewalks


Every Other Week (rotation 2)

-       clean out the fridge and freezer

-       clean the oven

-       clean the microwave

-       clean the dishwasher


Once a Month

-       clean the front foor

-       wipe windowsills and clean windows if dirty

-       dust the top of the fridge and kitchen cabinets

-       vacuum the stairs to the basement

-       wash couch cushions


 Every 3 Months

-       use Bona hardwood floor refinisher on hardwoods

-       change the furnace filter


Spring/Fall Cleaning Checklist


- clean inside and outside of all windows (homemade cleaner)

- go through closets and purge unused items

- professionally clean area rugs

- clean/reorganize inside of kitchen cabinets

- clean/reorganize pantry

- wash light fixtures inside and outside

- flip mattresses

- dry clean bed linens

- vacuum/wash curtains



- deep clean out the dryer lint trap

- vacuum the basement and check for cobwebs

- clean the dehumidifier



- clean out the deep freezer

- clean out the garage and sweep/mop

- clean off and purge shelving units



- clean outdoor furniture/clean and cover in fall

- check paint and touch up if needed on trim  and railing

- check caulk around windows

- inspect doors for weather stripping

- get out/store garden hoses, clean koi pond (cover in fall)

- check gutters and downspouts