Devil's den

a place to stop thinking

Me ?? .....mmmmm a net savvy person, who needs to check mails every half an hour. Exceptionally boring and lazy when it comes to partying, though I have my own methods of partying. I prefer to stay aloof in my own and hate crowd. If you want to know more about me visit my orkut profile.

A strong believer in open source ideology, I like to participate in different open source forums. One of my favourites is shellscript-l . Currently I am also working on an open source HSM tool "Online Hierarchical Storage Manager" based on EXT4 filesystems. There is basic support for ext2 filesystems too in this tool. Visit downloads link for various e-books. I also pass my time working on NNGFS or testfs and doing these things or if I am extremely getting bored and really nothing to do, then write something in my blog.

Given some tempo, I play volleyball and swimming otherwise I spend my leisure time in my bed listening to songs and filling those partially filled 81 squares commonly called as Sudoku. (Download from here)