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Multimedia: Microsoft Publisher, iMovie, & Other

This page showcases my multimedia projects with iMovie, as well as illustrated writings made with Adobe Photoshop, AppleWorks 6, and Microsoft Publisher 2011.

Print Works

To manually navigate through the slide shows, click in the black region and use the arrows to move between pages.  To see larger and higher resolution views in Picasa Web Albums, click on the projects.

Note: A text-only version of this short story ("The Locket") may be found under "Creative Fiction" here.

Title: The Locket
Date: written: 11/2008; edited and assembled: 01/2011

Materials: Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word 2011, Microsoft Publisher 2011
Technique: various images were altered and enhanced in Photoshop for use in this project; text was integrated with the images in Publisher

Goal: to create a pamphlet in Publisher, for personal use; to explore text and graphic design

Title: Visiting: A Children's Story
Date: 07/2004

Materials: mixed media, Adobe Photoshop Elements, AppleWorks 6
Technique: images were sketched and watercolored, then scanned and edited in Photoshop; vector images were created, enhanced, and combined with scans of objects and doll clothing; these images were combined to create illustration for a short story written in 2004; text was added with the images in AppleWorks

Goal: to create a mixed media project, for personal use; to explore image manipulation techniques in Photoshop Elements 


This video is a compilation of photos and videos taken on a trip to Eastern Europe in June 2006, created in iMovie 6.  For a larger view, click on the player to open the video in YouTube.

Please note that the embedded player may not work with all browsers.  If that is the case, follow this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lwyNHR9ubQ to view the video on YouTube.  (This video will not play if accessed from a German IP address, in accordance with YouTube copyright policy).

Title: The Real Euro Trip
Date: 06/2006

Materials: Canon PowerShot SD 500, Adobe Photoshop, Apple iMovie 6
Technique: still images and videos were imported into iMovie and edited; video effects were applied, along with music and sound effects

Goal: to document a vacation to Europe in 2006; to experiment with video editing techniques within iMovie