Educational Website Research

I was required to do a service learning project with an organization for a graduate course in school collaborations at UCD in the summer of 2011.  For this project, I researched online educational game sites and educational resources.  I compiled a list of these websites and submitted them to Girls Inc. of Metro Denver.  I also created a poster with links to these sites for use in the Girls Inc. youth center computer lab during free-time.  During my research, I also looked at two programs designed to teach young children computer programming skills.  I have contacted Girls Inc. in regards to facilitating a computer skills workshop in the youth center.  No date has been set for this workshop as of 08/10/11.

My research and rationale was documented and presented in a video essay and posted to YouTube in June, 2011.  Links to the websites seen in the video can be found under the "Description" section on YouTube here, or by clicking on the embedded video player.  Links to these websites can also be found on my educational resource webpage by following this link:

This weblist can also be downloaded as a Microsoft Word document under "Attachments" below.

Please note that the embedded player may not work with all browsers.  If that is the case, follow this link: to view the video on YouTube.

Title: Service Learning Project: Online Educational Games Weblist/Software for Girls (K-6)
Date: 06/22/2011

Materials: iMovie '06, QuickTime X for Mac
Technique: Computer games and websites were filmed using the screen capture feature in QuickTime. These clips were then edited and organized in iMovie '06, where effects were applied and transitions and narration were added.

Goal: To provide girls enrolled in the programs at Girls Inc. with alternative websites and games to visit during free time; to document my rationale in doing this research; and to highlight the importance and possible extensions of educational computer games

Title: Website Poster for Girls Inc. Computer Lab
Date: 07/25/2011

Materials: poster board, markers
Technique: titles were made in Adobe Illustrator to create engaging and colorful designs, appropriate clip art was selected online

Goal: to create a poster listing alternative educational game websites for girls to visit during free time; to make a visually engaging poster that combines positive images of girls in education—each image was carefully selected to represent the educational games sites as positive and fun

Katie Smith,
Aug 10, 2011, 10:15 PM