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    Katie Smith has a BA in Psychology from the University of Colorado Denver (UCD).  She is currently a graduate student at UCD seeking a Master's Degree in Educational Psychology with an emphasis in Human Development.  From 2006-2009, she attended the Colorado School of Mines (CSM) and was majoring in Physics, but did not complete the degree. Katie has over 12 years of experience in visual arts and writing, much of it through independent study. She volunteered in the Expedition Health exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and participated in the collection of data for the museum's NIH-funded Genetics of Taste research project (2010-2012). She also volunteered at Girl's Inc. of Metro Denver, during the summers of 2010 and 2011 helping four-five days per week with art, dance, fashion, and architecture/design courses in the Girls Inc. youth center. Katie also taught a ceramics workshop for 3rd graders in June 2010 at Girls Inc.  Katie is interested in elementary education, teaching, curriculum development, childhood development, educational software design, educational toy design, and education research.

On this website, you will find samples of her art, writing, and teaching projects.

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