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  Calc AB
Learnt about this website while taking a seminar class summer of 2013:
Some pearls of wisdom  from this site:


If you can do it in sports, music, dance, etc., you can do it in math! Try not to let fear or negative experiences turn you off to math. Math takes work! Do not be surprised if a topic or problem completely baffles you at first. Stay with it!  One characteristic of learning math is that at one moment you may feel completely at a loss, and then suddenly have a burst of insight that enables you to understand things perfectly. To learn mathematics you must take time to think over the material covered. It takes time for many ideas to sink in and become a part of you. But math is not an activity for the intellectually lazy. It requires a strong, steady effort but you can do it!


Practice as much as possible. Just watching me do a problem, does not develop your ability to do the process. Learning cannot be thought of as a "spectator sport". After practicing a problem, have someone in your group or me check the process. If your process is wrong, the more you practice the incorrect steps the harder it will be learn the correct method. Frequent short study periods produce better results than "cramming."

A lifelong learner must learn how to teach himself or herself - there will not always be someone there to be your teacher. Your goal - learn to teach yourself and learn to research the internet.