HG's Eggs Benechick


Servings - 1   Serving size - whole recipe  Points Plus per serving - 6 points+  ( poached egg = 2+, 1 oz. ham = 1+, spinach = 0, bread = 1+, sauce = 2+ )

Nutritional Information for entire recipe of fake out hollandaise sauce:  Calories - 63.5,   Total Fat - 6.3g,   Carb. - 2.3g,   Protein - 0.2g,   Fiber - 0g

2 slices of Nickels Light 35 Mulitgrain Bread ( or other bread that is 1+ per slice), cut into discs with a 3 " cookie cutter....(give the crust scraps to the dog!)

1 large egg, poached

1 oz. lean ham ( I used Hillshire Farm Deli Select Smoked Ham ), or other ham that 1 oz. = 1p+

handful of fresh organic baby spinach

Fresh ground pepper


For sauce:

1 TBS. reduced fat mayo ( such as Hellmann's light)

1 tsp. Hellmann's Dijonnaise 

1 tsp. light whipped butter or light buttery spread such as Brummel and Brown, softened

1 tsp. nonfat lemon yogurt or plain nonfat yogurt with a squirt of lemon juice

1.  Combine all ingredients for the sauce in a small microwavable container or bowl. Set aside.

2.  Assemble the egg dish by placing the spinach on the dish, topped with the bread discs, the ham, and the poached egg.   

3.  Heat in microwave on HIGH for about 20 seconds.  Remove and stir.  Add water if you like it looser.  ( I usually do)  Pour over egg and sprinkle with fresh ground pepper.  Enjoy!