Easy Pickled Cucumber Salad

from the kitchen of MKA

Servings - 4   Serving Size - 1/4th of recipe   Points Plus per serving - 0 Points+
Calories - 17.7,   Total Fat - 0.1g,   Carb. - 4g,   Protein - 0.8g,   Fiber - 0.9g

1 large English cucumber, sliced very thin ( on a mandolin if possible)
1/2 of a small red onion, sliced very thin ( on a mandolin if possible)
at least 1/4 tsp. salt ( or more to liking)
fresh ground black pepper, to liking
 about 2 TBS. UNSEASONED rice vinegar
pinch of white sugar ( optional ) 

1.  Season cukes with salt and pepper.  ( Since I slice the cukes on a mandolin, l like to lay them out in a flat layer to salt and pepper them before adding them to a bowl, since they tend to stick together.  I also pour the vinegar on top of them as they are in this position as well, then combine them with the red onion in the bowl)  
2.  Transfer the seasoned cukes to a bowl and combine with the red onion slices.  Mix the sugar, if using, with the rice vinegar, and pour over the cukes and onions.  Mix well to combine.  Allow mixture to sit at room temperature for at least 15 minutes before serving.  You may want to drain off any excessive juices that accumulate before serving as well, depending on how long they sit before serving.  If making the night before, just store in the refrigerator and then drain before serving.