Not as slippery as last time

posted 6 Apr 2010, 12:54 by Martin Kaiser-Kaplaner   [ updated 21 Nov 2010, 06:00 ]
This time, the weather was slightly better and thus the trikiest track of my home trails was a little less slippery than on the week end before.
Accompanied by Martin Hribernig, Johannes Enzi and Florian Wörgötter, we had a great day riding ~1300m up- and just as much downhill.

Regrettably, Florian's SPD pedals precluded him from joining us on the lift track. Martin did for the first half of the trail, but nevertheless there wasn't any usable footage to show his driving performance properly in the video.

Let's see this as a chance for a common follow-up! :)

Enjoy the show!

(To be honest, the picture above is an old one)

Video: Underneath the cable car
by Martin Kaiser-Kaplaner

Underneath the cable car - MTB from Martin Kaiser-Kaplaner on Vimeo.

Johannes Enzi (Trek Remedy)
Martin Kaiser-Kaplaner (Liteville 301)

Martin Kaiser-Kaplaner, 2010