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 Wool Jersey Your Choice of long or short sleeve. Embroidered logo is included in price. Other options are available to customize the jersey for an additional cost.   $89.95 - S/S  $99.95 - L/S  


Coffee Mug

These coffee mugs are just great. They hold coffee, tea, hot chocolate or any warm or cold beverage of your choosing. They are the finest coffee mugs you will ever have a chance to buy. $14  (in stock)

Black TMR T-Shirt

Just in time for your new wardrobe. It's a black American Apparel (non-sweat shop California-made) fine cotton t-shirt with logo designed by a local artist. These T's run a touch smaller than Hanes or similar so if you're feeling thin and can wear a Hanes L, you might need an Obese in the American. $22 pp 

 Black T-Shirt with white and yellow Logo

Our new modified TMR T-Shirt design (4.5"x8") printed in white/yellow on a black American Apparel all-cotton T by FOTL. Small lettering on the back, between the shoulders announces www.TheMorningRide.com. $22.00  

2006 TMR Speed Suit - This is one of our most sought after items. The latex construction really provides that wind cheating profile. For those with body image concerns, this outfit contributes to a slim appearance that we all are looking to achieve. Last chance, soon all gone. The next 5 orders get the safety goggles included at NO additional cost - $75

Constructed of parts from home depot and radio shack, this is one of the nicest lights on the market.There is no on off switch and the bulb is your choice of 35 watts. Each light is custom built and can have your name engraved on the housing for $10 extra. Cost of this lighting system is $125 for the first 5 buyers. I am calling it the MikeNewt 1.0.