This Site has Moved

The MailDrop site has moved to https://code.google.com/p/maildrop-dropbox/

What does it do?

MailDrop is an application that expands the scope of Dropbox to the inbox. Now you can email files to dropbox. Any emails with the label 'Dropbox' will automatically be sent to the 'MailDrop' folder in your dropbox. Now files can be put on Dropbox from your mobile device or from any computer without having to login to Dropbox.

How does it work?

MailDrop runs in the background on your computer, periodically checking your specified email address. When it finds an email in the Dropbox folder of your email, it automatically searches for attachments and downloads them. The attachments are saved to your local Dropbox where Dropbox then takes care of uploading them.

How do I get this running?

There are a few steps needed to be done on your part before MailDrop will be able to run:
  1. IMAP
    MailDrop checks your email using IMAP, so you must have this enabled for your email account.

  2. "Dropbox" label/folder
    To keep MailDrop from downloading all attachments emailed to you, it is set to only download emails saved to the "Dropbox" folder. NOTE: In Gmail, folders are referred to as labels, so in this instance anything with the label "Dropbox" will be downloaded.

  3. Optional: Dropbox email filter
    This is not required, but is recommended to ease the upload process. Setup an email filter which will move/copy any emails with a specified subject to your Dropbox email folder. This way, simply emailing the attachment to yourself with the subject (e.g. "MailDrop upload") will put it in your Dropbox.

Is MailDrop secure?

Your email information is only used locally and your Dropbox information is not needed, since it should be already running locally.

Is MailDrop stable?

I mainly wrote this program for my own use and so it may not be at a marketable quality level. I have tested it extensively, but only to the limits of my personal computers and email accounts. As such it is only ensured to work with Gmail, but should work on any email account using the standard IMAP protocol.